BESTHEIM is a winemaking cooperative and the foremost producer of Alsace wines and crémants. It groups together nearly 450 families of dedicated winegrowers who between them cultivate 1,350 hectares of vines from the north to the south of Alsace.


Founded in 1946, and originally named the Cave de Bennwihr, it became BESTHEIM after merging with the Cave de Westhalten in 1997. It was later joined by the Cave d’Obernai in 2012, and the Cave de Kientzheim-Kaysersberg in 2015, thereby enabling BESTHEIM to acquire further very fine terroirs and excellent Grands Crus.


BESTHEIM represents the collective history of the famous « Moon Chasers » or « Mondfangers » in Alsatian, courageous winegrowers who have passed on their know-how from generation to generation, in a legacy that has spanned the centuries to give us the elegant and refined cuvées that we know and love today.


United by a common ethos of boldness and freedom, BESTHEIM’s winegrowers are now established in 71 villages. They have boundless confidence in their winery, which offers shared facilities and to which they bring the entirety of their harvests. Together they pursue a quality policy, tending their vines with meticulous care in order to obtain grapes of optimal maturity, ready to produce wines of extraordinary character and charm.


Christophe Adam and Sylvain Kamm, respectively the winery’s cellar master and oenologist, apply this exacting approach to quality at every stage of crafting a wine, producing remarkable cuvées that are a perfect expression of the terroir. This investment has been rewarded by distinguished accolades, including the 2016 World’s Best Sparkling Wine award for Grand Prestige Rosé 2014.

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Kleiber Vanessa
03 89 49 09 29
3 rue du Général De Gaulle
68630 Bennwihr
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